The King's Fund

Integrated care in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

  • Format: Printed copy
  • Authors: Chris Ham, Deirdre Heenan, Marcus Longley, David R Steel
  • Publication date: 10 July 2013

At a time when policy-makers in England have made a commitment to bring about closer integration of care both within the NHS and between health and social care, what can the health and social care system in England learn from the experiences of the other countries of the United Kingdom?

Integrated care in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales examines the context in which health and social care is provided; identifies policy initiatives that promote integrated care and the impact of these initiatives; and considers the barriers and challenges to achieving integrated care. The King’s Fund commissioned authors in each of the three countries to write a paper considering these issues. The authors reflect on what England can learn, drawing on their own experience of what has and has not been achieved.