The King's Fund

People in control of their own health and care: the state of involvement

  • Format: Printed copy
  • Authors: Catherine Foot, Helen Gilburt, Phoebe Dunn, Joni Jabbal, Becky Seale, Joanna Goodrich, David Buck, Jeremy Taylor
  • Publication date: 4 Nov 2014

The idea that people should have a stronger voice in decisions about their health and care, and that services should better reflect their needs and preferences, has been a policy goal of politicians and senior policy-makers in health for at least 20 years. Patients want it, and the evidence shows that when they are involved, decisions are better, health and health outcomes improve, and resources are allocated more efficiently.

Despite this, and some small pockets of improvement, there has generally been a lack of progress towards fully involving people in their own health and care. This report examines the reasons behind this, and considers how we can advance the cause of making person-centred care the core of health and care reform.