The King's Fund

Putting quality first in the boardroom

  • Format: Printed copy
  • Author(s): David Naylor, Katy Steward, Pippa Gough, Sally Williams, Sue Machell, Vijaya Nath
  • Publication date: 20-Apr-2010

In 2009, The King’s Fund and the Burdett Trust for Nursing set out to ‘bring the ward to the board’, emphasising the role of the nurse executive in ensuring that boards are as fully engaged with the clinical quality agenda as they are with financial performance. As leaders of the largest part of the NHS workforce, nurse executives have considerable power to influence the patient experience and the ability to provide an understanding of the standard of clinical care delivered by a trust.

Building on the findings of From Ward to Board, the publication produced after the first phase of work in 2009, Putting quality first in the boardroom is based on observations of nurse executives and their boards at six NHS trusts. The report starts by examining what is meant by the term ‘clinical quality’ and why it has the potential to be marginalised in the boardroom. It goes on to consider the dynamics of the boardroom and the role of the nurse executive.