The King's Fund

Accounting for quality to the local community

  • Format: Printed copy
  • Author(s): Catherine Foot, Shilpa Ross
  • Publication date: 14-Apr-2010

The government is committed to improving the quality of care, and as part of this commitment they aim to make more information available to the public about the performance of trusts. Providers of NHS services are now required to publish quality accounts - reports for the public on the quality of the services they provide. Quality accounts aim to:

  • increase NHS accountability by making more information about quality available to the public
  • encourage boards (or the equivalent senior management) to focus more on quality improvement.

Accounting for quality to the local community assesses how far current plans for quality accounts meet the first of those objectives. It outlines the conclusions of focus groups that were conducted with local community representatives, such as members of local involvement networks (LINks) and health overview and scrutiny committees (HOSCs), and with members and governors of foundation trusts.